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Accessing Call Logs / CDRs

Accessing CDRs within the Rival5 RCom administration portal

Call data records (CDR) display call objects on a whole-call basis -- regardless of the call legs that were used inside the call object.
CDRs are viewable in your instance under the "Call Logs" page under Status.
Information included in the page:
  1. Start - start time of the call based on the customer's primary time zone
  2. From - the CNAM and ANI of the calling party (inbound or outbound - this could be an external number calling in or an internal extension calling out)
  3. To - the called party's number (could again be an external number or internal number)
  4. Agent - any extensions / accounts that "touched" or interacted with the call in any way on any legs (could be multiple)
  5. Trunk - any trunks that the call legs used
  6. Duration - the duration of the call according to Rival5, from "cradle to grave" - this includes the time from when Rival5 received the call to when either party disconnected or a timeout was reached

The call log object itself can be clicked on to expand the call's path throughout the system, including individual transfers, ring groups, auto attendants, and other objects it may have traversed along the way.

Call logs can also be viewed within call queues, which offer more granular reporting on wait time, ring time, hold time, and more per call.