Accessing Call Recordings

Accessing manual or automatic call recordings within the Rival5 admin portal

Call recordings can be viewed in a number of different locations within your Rival5 administration portal interface.
If you do not have access to your Rival5 administration web portal, please submit a request to Rival5 by emailing or visiting
Call recordings for your whole instance can be accessed under "Status", then "Recorded Calls". This will contain all calls that were at one point recorded on an agent group, hunt group, or internal, or outbound call. Ad-hoc / on demand recordings are stored at the extension level.

Recorded calls can also be accessed at the ring group level or the call queue level. In those panes, calls recorded under only that object's control will be displayed.
Durations for call recordings may be shown in the display tables, as well as the agent / extension that was the initial contact in the recorded leg. The duration of the recorded leg may differ from the overall duration of the entire call object, expressed within the instance call log. The duration only shows the duration of the recording itself.