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Automatic Service Flag Temporary Change Menu

Overriding a normally automatic service flag with a temporary start time, end time, or holiday setting

In the event your day starts earlier, ends later, or ends abruptly and you need to "go into nights", there is an easy-to-use menu built into any automatic service flag which can be used to temporarily set the start of the day, end of the day, or to make the day a holiday. This can be done without logging into a portal, or reaching out to us for support.


You will first need to either have a pre-programmed button for the Nights or Open/Closed service flag (or similarly labeled), or know the extension or alias tied to the night service flag.

To access the automatic flag temporary change menu, press the pre-programmed button on your phone, or dial the extension/alias that is associated with the service flag you are wishing to change.
If you press the button or dial the code and an error of being not allowed to place the call, you do not have permission to change the service flag status. Depending on service implementation and permissions, only certain extensions may be able to change the service flag status, or it may be PIN protected. Please confirm this with your administrator, or the Rival5 Support Center.
If you press the button and have permission, you will have the following options:
To set the end of the day, press 1.
To set the start of the day, press 2.
To make today a holiday press 4. -- you can cancel the holiday by pressing 4.
When you are prompted to enter the time, the system will request the time in 24-hour format.
Depending on your system setup, there may be times in place for usual days marked as holidays, so the system will make those hours in effect for that. If there are no hours in your service flag for holidays, then depending on the service flag logic, this will put your system in "nights", or activate/set the service flag.
Any changes done to the start or end time or the holiday status will be cleared at 00:00 (midnight) the next day, and the usual schedule will resume.