Blocking Unwanted Callers (System-Wide)

Blocking numbers (spam, solicitors, nusiance) within Rival5's PBX platform

Blocking numbers within your organization's Rival5 Hosted PBX instance is a quick and easy process.


To get started,

  1. sign into your PBX and access the administrator interface


  3. navigate to 'Settings' in the left sidebar, then select 'Address Book'


  4. Click on the 'Add' option at the bottom of the interface, this will pop up a dialog window to enter in the information of the contact.

  5. Enter in a label for who/what you're blocking using the first/last name fields & insert the number in the respective field

  6. Under "Contact Type", click the dropdown and select "Black List", then press 'Create'.

The number will now be blocked on inbound calls and the system will reject the call without any intervention. The caller will hear a busy signal.

That's it, you've now blocked that number from your system!