Call Barge In

Supervisor / trainers mode ideal for call queue setups

Secretaries, supervisors, coworkers, and more may need to barge into an in-progress call. This allows a third party on a call in an instant conference-like manner. 


In order to barge into an active call, your account needs to be enabled or permitted to listen to certain extensions by your administrator or by Rival5.


Once your account has been permitted / white-listed to whisper into the desired account,

  • Dial the star code *81 followed by the extension number you wish to teach then press send on your endpoint.
    • Example: *812004
    • If this does not work, first check to make sure that you are allowed. In some cases, the star codes used after installation and configuration are modified from what they are originally by default.
  • You will be immediately brought into the call and will only be able to talk to both parties.