Call Forwarding

Extension-level call forwarding options

There are a couple of different ways to forward your extension's calls to other extensions. You can also forward to external numbers from your extension. If you have a softkey labeled "CFwd" on your phone, you can press that button to set the target number in which you wish to forward to. A programmable button can also be provisioned to allow this function.

Without a softkey, you can enter a star code from the following list:

  • To activate the call forwarding, simply call the star code you wish to activate. You will then be prompted to enter the redirection number. Press the pound sign when complete.

  • To deactivate the service, call back the star code and press *.

    • *71 - Call Forward All Calls
      • All calls will bypass your phone and go direct to this specified number.
    • *73 - Call Forward When Busy
      • When you're on an active call, calls will bypass your phone and go direct to this specified number.
      • You will not hear or receive call waiting notifications
    • *75 - Call Forward No Answer
      • Instead of going to your voicemail after the predefined ringing time, your extension will forward directly to this specified number.
Call forwarding your extension may redirect all calls you receive, including hunt group and agent group calls. These can be set to do so when needed, but are set to not redirect by default. Should you require this, please reach out to us for instructions or a member of our team can set everything accordingly.