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Call Recording Capabilities

Capabilties of call recording on Rival5's RCom UCaaS platform

Calls can be recorded per ring group, call queue, per extension, or on inbound or outbound legs. It is advised to notify your customers and callers prior to beginning call recording. This can be done with a pre-announcement message on an auto attendant or call queue welcome announcement.

Depending on state or legislature, outbound call recording may require an affirmative from the called party prior to recording beginning or prior to continuing further with the call. It is recommended to work with your legal counsel or ask Rival5 about your call recording needs prior to committing to any automatic call recording.

Call recording can also be enabled on an ad-hoc/on-demand basis through the use of a dialable star code or programmable buttons on phones.

Call recordings are stored on the system for later reference for 30 days by default and then are deleted. For different needs or retention periods, please get in touch with Rival5 support to see if we can accommodate your request.