How to Send a Fax via E-mail

How to Send a Fax via E-mail

To send a fax through your e-mail, your e-mail address must be authorized for your organization by Rival5. After your e-mail address has been authorized, simply send an e-mail using the following parameters:


  • In the "to" field, insert the 10 digit number that you wish to fax to, not including the one and with no dashes followed by "".
  • In the subject, insert your fax number that you're sending the fax from. If you wish to use the body of your e-mail as your cover page, whether it be raw text or HTML formatted text, simply add "cover page" after your fax number.
  • Attach your documents and you are good to send! No paper jams or wait time for the scanner to warm up.


If you did want to use your e-mail body as a cover page, you would need to do that before sending the e-mail.



Please see the examples below:

Without cover page:


Subject: 8554748255



With cover page:


Subject: 8554748255 cover page

Body: Company Logo, formatted text, etc. Please call us with any questions.


**Some users have created ready-made signatures for fax accounts or personal accounts that they can use when sending faxes to act as cover pages. You can always attach a cover page to the front of a PDF as well or attach one with your other attachments, although it is not guaranteed it will be delivered on the far-end / recipient in the correct order.



You can also send faxes through your organization's fax portal. Feel free to read that help article here: