In Call Menu (Cell Phone Forking)

Options while connected on a forked call leg on cell phones utilizing RCom

When in a connected call on your cell phone through your Rival5 account, you can access an in-call menu/dialog in order to transfer the call, conference the call, and more. We call this the "pound pound" menu because that is exactly what you dial in order to access this while on an active call. This can be done from a call that either originates through the system or comes inbound from the outside world. This can also be used on calls that have been "pushed" to your cell phone from your desk phone or soft client.


To access the in call menu,

  • Dial ## during a call on your cell phone
  • If the call was a genuine call through the Rival5 system, the far end should be placed on hold and you will be given a list of options by the system attendant.


In Call Menu Options

0 - Resume Call

1 - Place Outbound Call

2 - Transfer Call


When you press either of those options, you will sent to sub-menus and will be the system on completing it.


The in call menu can also be used on the second call that you place using option 1. This is useful if you're wanting to do an attended transfer from your cell phone or an ad-hoc conference.

The easiest way to learn this in-call menu is to do some test calls and figure out the different options. It's best to have your phone on speaker while you're accessing the actual in call menu so you hear the attendant and enter options at the same time.