Mobile App Setup

How to easily set up Rival5's Vodia Phone mobile apps with your Rival5 service.

Rival5 offers integration into our systems and service through the Vodia Phone app. Rival5 strategically partners with Vodia Networks, the publisher of the app, for support and operation of the mobile app and more. To install the app, you can scan either of the QR codes using your phone's camera to be sent straight to the respective app store's listing for Vodia Phone. If you choose to manually look it up, search for 'Vodia Phone' and the app's icon will look like the red and white icon below.
Vodia Phone App Icon
Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad)
App Store QR Code
Google Android
Play Store QR Code
Direct download links for App Stores:

Login via Credentials

Once installed, depending on the device, you will have the option of using a QR code or accessing a URL. If you access the URL, you will go through the same steps as accessing the web user portal normally. Enter in your organization's Rival5 URL (, then enter in your username or extension and password as you normally would to login to the app, or if available, sign-in with your Google credentials.

Login via QR Code

If you elect to choose the easier QR code option, navigate your browser to your organization's Rival5 online portal on a computer’s web-browser (ex. and sign in with your provided username and password or, if available, sign-in with your Google Account. 
Once logged into the portal, navigate to the button in the top right corner with your extension, click on it to expand a menu, then navigate to ‘QR Code’.
This will open an in-window pop-up with a QR code. Re-visit the app and select the "QR Code" option, which should open your camera on your device. Point your camera at your computer screen to scan the QR code and you should log in to your extension. On first use of the app, be sure to give camera permissions to the app so that it can scan this QR code and register the extension to your app.
It is important that your QR code is not shared or made easily available for future use, as it contains the URL string and raw credentials.
That’s all there is to it! The mobile app will function the exact same as your physical desk phone.  With the app, you can take, place, and even transfer calls with ease wherever you are.