Personal Virtual Assistant Menu

A rundown of the personal virtual assistant offered with RCom when your cellphone is connected to your extension

When your cell phone is "connected" in your account, you have the option of enabling the personal virtual assistant menu when you call into the system.

This menu can be used to make outbound calls from the system (commonly called call-through, DISA, or "trampolining" out of the system) and can also be used to remotely check your voicemails.


To access the personal virtual assistant by calling your system, it must be first enabled in your account for when you call the system. This is enabled by default.


To access the personal virtual assistant,

  • Call any auto attendant on your system -- you will be greeted with a different sounding menu than what is normally played to external caller.
  •  To place an outbound call, press 1.
  • To go to your mailbox, press 3.
  • To call an internal number / go to the auto attendant, press 4.


The system will guide you through placing an outbound call through the system and accessing your voicemail based on your selection.