Yealink Wi-Fi Setup Guide

Yealink Wi-Fi

This guide is meant to instruct a user on how to connect their Yealink device to a wireless connection.
Please note that a power supply will be required for this setup, and that some models of Yealink phones require a WF40 or WF50 wireless adapter if the phone does not natively support wireless connections, these dongles may or may not be included in the initial install of your RVoIP service.
  1. If applicable, plug the USB Wi-Fi dongle into the USB port on the back of the phone. The screen should prompt "Wi-Fi adapter has been added."

  2. If not prompted to scan available networks automatically, press the 'Menu' button and navigate to 'Settings'

  3. Navigate to the 'Basic' settings option, then scroll down to 'Wi-Fi'

  4. If needed, switch the 'Wi-Fi' option to 'On' and hit 'OK' or 'Save'

  5. Select the 'Scan' softkey to select available networks (you may need to rescan), then use the arrow keys to select the network.

  6. Enter the password for the Wi-Fi network (thinking back to the T9 texting days). The character entry mode can be changed using the respective softkey while entering text. For touchscreen models, an on-screen keyboard can also be used to type the password.

  7. Tap OK once the password has been entered. Once the connection has completed successfully, there will be a prompt that comes up "Connect Success".
Your phone will connect to the Wi-Fi network and receive an IP address and register with Rival5 networks.